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Needs Analysis Instructions
This easy-to-use calculator has been designed to produce a professional document that you, the life insurance professional, can print and present to your client. It is personalized for both you and your client.

For All Personalization

  1. Login using your UserID and Password

  2. Click on "Change my Profile" to edit your information

For Needs Calculator

  1. Click on "Needs Calculator"

  2. Note that Income to be replaced is annual, and is after tax. Enter a factor of 80% to 90% to reduce for income no longer required.

  3. Note that the investment yield on assets is after tax as well

  4. Input assumptions and click on "Calculate"

  5. Click on "Print Friendly Version"

  6. To print "Print Friendly Version", click on "File" and then "Print" from your browser

  7. Note that the document is professionally personalized to your information

Include a copy with the application for the Underwriter!

We hope you find this tool useful in your daily work

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